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Gold and Lucky Charms and Skittles!

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This rainbow appeared during a recent potlatch at the hall in Ahousaht. I asked a group of kids what they thought was at the end…. “Gold and Lucky Charms and Skittles!” They said.

I laughed. “You watch too much TV!”



Orca Surprise!

What a beautiful and unexpected way to end the day!

We didn’t think we would get to meet up with the pod of orcas that was in the sound and in fact, we had no clue where they were. But 10 minutes from home, smashing through the glassy calm waters, came one of the youngest members of the T109As. We thought it was a Harbour porpoise at first glance, then maybe a dolphin. .. and then when the rest of the pod surfaced… Orcas!

For our friend on board, it was only the second time in his life to see a whale (the first was a cow and calf grey whale earlier in the trip!)

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