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Front Beach

Front Beach

I took a stroll to Front Beach this morning (Giving Lennie a chance to get started on the gate for the dog pen!). We ended up working on the gate together when I returned but the walk was so rewarding!

There are a ton of neat shells washed up on the beach, and since I am making a shell garland for our wedding next July, I was collecting like crazy!


Front Beach, Looking to “Cone Island”


Kuda, Leia and Lola rip around the beach.


The blackberries are ripening! Still sour, but they are getting there!


Low Tide Beach Stroll

On rare occasions, the tide is low enough to walk from Front Beach to First Beach without ever leaving the sand. A couple weeks ago Lennie and I managed to find a day where our schedule and the tide matched up!

We had a great time with the three dogs, strolling around the rocky outcroppings, hunting for hiishtuup (Chiton) and treasure hunting among the logs.

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