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Dog Training on the Go

Leia is my affectionate and loving husky/malamute cross. She is a “Hotsprings” Puppy, though is now close to 3 years old! I can’t believe how quickly she is growing up! Of our three dogs, she is the only one who is “mine”. Bruce and Yoda are Lennie’s.

Huskies are stubborn and determined to have their own way. They require large amounts of exercise and are not what I would describe as a “beginner” dog breed.

Lennie brought Leia home for me as a 4 month old pup, as a surprise! OMG. Don’t do this to your GF or Wife! I was having a mental breakdown that evening with the stress of running our house, working full time as a teacher, and Lennie’s long long hours on the boat every day. Then I was given a sopping wet, adorable puppy. Crap. I was in love!

But honestly, I don’t like the idea of surprising someone with a new pet. They take dedication and planning. A new dog is not a decision to be made on a whim.

That being said, Leia (And Bruce and Yoda and all the others in our home) are very valued members of our family. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Lately I have been working on Leia’s recall. It is horrible. She won’t come back at all! She turns capture into a game and I am left chasing her all over the beach. Trickery doesn’t work. She is far too smart. I’ve noticed a trend the last couple times she eventually gave in though. I had turned off my “nice” voice and was using a much more gruff and commanding tone. A signal that I was fed up.

Tonight I am going to switch straight to that, to let her know I mean business, instead of goofing around first. And lots of cookies once her leash is clipped on, of course! Fingers crossed that I have found they key to her recall. I can see many more off leash adventures in our future!


A Doggy Day on the Town

… Well, a day in Tofino with Yoda!

I scored an awesome toolbox off the Tofino Trading Post ( A locals only FB based buy, sell and trade) and had to make a run down to Ty-Histanis (Another reserve about 20 min. south of Tofino) to pick it up. I decided to bring our smallest dog, Yoda, with me for company. He had a blast riding around and meeting new people. I must have tired him out because he is passed out beside me right now!


Yoda happy and smiling in the back seat! He just hops right in and really enjoys car rides. Most stores are great in Tofino about dogs and if they are worried about things getting peed on (A valid concern) they simply ask for your pooch to be carried, which I certainly didn’t mind! There was only one store that asked for him to remain outside, which Yoda would NOT have put up with, so I simply left. That kind of sucked because I was looking for a piece of clothing that I was pretty sure I would have found at their shop…. their loss!


Enjoying the patio (and the fresh stream water from Meares Island) at Tofino Sea Kayaking. We love stopping here for a drink or dessert. Lennie compares every single caffeinated drink he ever has to the Americanos here. Apparently they make them just right and no one else even comes close!


I got an iced latte and was pleased to see that Tofino Sea Kayaking is supporting the Surfrider Foundation’s Straws Suck campaign and is using paper straws in their drinks! These don’t create needless plastic waste or endanger wildlife if they are littered into the ecosystem.


Lennie had some fun with Yoda on our way home and let him pretend to drive the boat! He was actually much happier being cuddled and I held him on my lap most of the way home.


Our view as we entered the Ahousaht Harbour. The closest point of land on the right is known as the “Switchback” and that’s where you make the tight left turn to enter the sheltered waters of the harbour. The other boat following us is the Ahous Hakoom, another water taxi based in Ahousaht.

It was a great day – Next time I might take Leia because she needs to be car trained before we go visit my parents in Duncan!

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