Doggy Daze

Yesterday we got our new engine for our boat, the Sweet Marie! Because I wanted to be in town for the exciting occasion and it was going to take all day long, I brought my dog Leia with me for some training time in Tofino and a few adventures! What a great time we had! … More Doggy Daze

Proud Momma

You know how Mommas get all chuffed about their children and brag about their accomplishments? I do that with my furbabies. I joined a friend for a beach walk yesterday with our dogs. I brought Leia, but not Bruce or Yoda. I’m trying to work with Leia one on one more often and practice her … More Proud Momma

Orcas at Sunset

A couple weeks ago I got to spend some time with a large mixed pod of Transient orcas in the outer waters of Clayoquot Sound. The T109s and T11s were all present and slowly working their way up the coast. We joined up with them around Cox Point and left them at Wilf Rock as … More Orcas at Sunset

Halloween Horror

Halloween was always a fun time for me growing up. Living on a large rural property, we didn’t have to worry about fireworks spooking our animals. We were far enough away from other properties that the noise was minimal. We could focus on trick or treating and going to family bonfires. In university I didn’t … More Halloween Horror

Becoming a Chicken Momma (or… How my Addiction to having Chickens Began)

Growing up, The first pets I had, after a dog, was a flock of barred rock hens. I remember my dad teaching me to hold them. I was so proud! Every day after school I would run out to the coop and collect eggs. I was noticeably less enthusiastic about it through middle and high … More Becoming a Chicken Momma (or… How my Addiction to having Chickens Began)