Potlatch Hangover

Potlatches are an honour to attend. As part of a policy of assimilation, the Canadian federal government banned the potlatch from 1884 to 1951 in an amendment to the Indian Act. Yet the tradition survived, carried out in secret and now alive and flourishing again. There are many reason’s a family may host a potlatch … More Potlatch Hangover

Proud Momma

You know how Mommas get all chuffed about their children and brag about their accomplishments? I do that with my furbabies. I joined a friend for a beach walk yesterday with our dogs. I brought Leia, but not Bruce or Yoda. I’m trying to work with Leia one on one more often and practice her … More Proud Momma

Thanksgiving in Our Corner of the World

Lennie and I perfectly choreographed a two person thanksgiving dinner, with enough food for 10. Therefore, we have leftovers to last for days! Lennie did most of the cooking, Turkey (even though our calculations were off and it was definitely still frozen as it went in the oven!), stuffing and gravy. I did jelly-carrot-salad (Sunrise … More Thanksgiving in Our Corner of the World

Ahousaht in Bloom

Last fall I received a Neighbourhood Small Grant for a flower planting project in the village of Ahousaht. This spring, the Clayoquot Biosphere Trust, the organization who awarded the grants in our region, was given a grant of their own to film the results of the grants within our area. I was asked to attend … More Ahousaht in Bloom