Some sunrises are so memorable that they light your entire day, or week, with the same first that they illuminated the sky with. I was so lucky to be able to stop in at Radar Hill on my way to the Organic Master Gardener course in Ucluelet last week.

The stunning variety of textures, hues and tones gave so many opportunities for different angles and photographs. I kept zooming in on little details in the massive expanse before me. From the Mountains to the Pacific Ocean, my view encompassed everything the west coast stands for.

I couldn’t believe that I was the only person blessed with this view. On a Saturday morning, no one else was soaking in Nature’s beauty. Then again, I was thankful for the peacefulness. No engines, no voices, no footsteps. It was some of the purest Nature I have experienced and I am so thankful to have witnessed this event.



And a couple bonus shots from Long Beach, where I was not the only person blessed with this view: