Yesterday afternoon came the good news – The waterline was fixed! During the daytime low tide our team of local men and women rebuilt a berm around the broken pipe, close to 2 meters high. Using 4 pumps they kept the seeping water at bay while accessing and repairing the large crack.

Three boats floated nearby for emergencies or delivering supplies – including hot coffee.

Though the pipe is repaired and we have fully treated water again, we will be on a boil water advisory until a series of tests come back clean. The crew has been flushing the water lines and treating with chlorine to treat the pipes. Volunteers are still bringing jugs of water around to homes, as for some, especially the elders, it is easier to use the bottled water than fill, move and boil large amounts in a pot.

Donations are continuing to be sent, for which we are infinitely grateful. Though Lennie and I tried not to strain the communities resources by asking for water to be brought to us, a large 24 pack of bottles was brought to our home last night. I plan on storing what we do not use for  future emergencies. We need to be prepared to go through this again and we may not have the benefit of outside community support – especially if it is due to a large scale disaster.

I am going to campaign for rain barrels to be installed at each home – at the very least it can be used for toilet flushing water and if boiled and treated it could possibly be used for cooking and drinking.

I am so thankful for everyone who came together in this emergency. From our water plant and maintenance  workers, to the men, women and youth who volunteered to sandbag, unload boats and deliver water, to the individuals who ran the admin office – updating the community on the situation as it unfolded and coordinating donations and boats to bring them to Ahousaht, to the boats and vehicle drivers who delivered the water to Ahousaht, to all the communities, companies, and individuals who coordinated water donations in town, to everyone who fought the trailer fire on Saturday and to absolutely everyone who offered their prayers and support from near and far. Ahousaht could not have done it without all of you.

Klecko klecko!