Saturday Afternoon, elders, disabled and those with babies under a year were given the option to evacuate to Tin Wis Best Western in Tofino. Many chose to stay however.

On Sunday, day 3 with no water, donations began arriving from Victoria, Port Alberni, Ucluelet and Tofino. Both businesses and individuals came together to donate water and individuals donated their time to drive water from these locations to the dock in Tofino.

Lennie and I were so lucky to be able to have a shower at a friend’s home in Tofino. Ironically the water had disappeared on Friday just as I had gone to have a much needed shower! The hot stream of water we doused in yesterday was heavenly

The leak was found Sunday afternoon – Underwater of all places. The broken pipe is estimated to be 40-50 years old – Long overdue for replacement it seems. Around 8 pm the crew assembled to sandbag around the leak and try to pump out the area to access the buried pipe. Unfortunately the one pip could not keep up with the sea water and leaking pipe water to drain the area fast enough. The pipe itself could not be located below the sediments before the tide rose again by 10pm. The crew is looking at more options during a meeting at 9 am Monday morning – Day 4.

Plans will be difficult to execute from this point forward as we don’t have any more extremely low tides until Dec. 27th. Divers are being considered to do the repairs while the location remains underwater.

I will continue to update as the situation unfolds. This whole scenario has made everyone so much more thankful for our regular lives and plentiful water. We have a much stronger connection to the essential nature of water in all it’s forms. This has been eye opening as to what the residents of Flint, Michigan experience daily with their lead-laden water and the purpose behind the Standing Rock protests in North Dakota (several Nuu-Chah-Nulth and Ahousaht members are in attendance there!). These are issues we always believed in, but experiencing it for yourself makes your motivation to solve these international issues just that much stronger.

There are communities around the world who do not have access to clean drinking water. We are going through this for a few days to weeks – But there are communities right here in Canada who have not had clean drinking water for generations.

Thank you for everyone’s support and encouragement. We will make it through this!

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