Every year in Ahousaht, a different family hosts the community Christmas Dinner. This year was us! The new hosts announce themselves a year ahead of time, so our announcement was made in 2015. It is an interesting process to host a party here. The responsibility does not fall to just one person, but in some ways it still does. Donations are given and written down, scratched off, changed and altered. In the end, it all comes together.


Lennie and I funded most of the dinner and did the majority of the purchasing of food and supplies -The rest of the family really came together to help with the cooking and preparation in the days ahead of the event. Cedar roses were woven for decorations, Napkins and cutlery were wrapped, Tables were set and most importantly, turkeys were cooked! Community members donated their ovens and time to cook for our meal.


It is interesting how little Christmas spirit, I personally, felt throughout the course of the event. But I think it’s because I let the stress get to me. Instead of relaxing and letting the evening take on a life of its own, I stressed about things I could not control and worried about little details that no one but myself would notice. I relaxed when the dancing began. It was fun and lighthearted and I got to see Lennie dance, which was a real treat.


By the end of the night, my feet were so sore I couldn’t walk home. It was great to kick back with a cup of tea and chat with our guests from Tofino that came over to Flores Island to celebrate with us. We slept well and were up again early the next morning. I had to head down to the hall to complete the rest of the cleaning, and thankfully I was joined by another woman (As I didn’t actually know where anything went!).

Now we begin saving to do it all over again for our wedding celebration – July 2017!