Alright, I admit I have been horrible at blogging. I can just never keep at it! But I am going to keep trying, because I don’t give up!

I enrolled in a writing course with the University of BC and the fall storms here on the coast have given me plenty of time to put pen to paper. The course focuses on magazine article writing and all the research, interviews and queries that go along with it. I am working on the interview assignment right now and our little 500 word article due on Monday has turned into the inspiration for an amazing book! I will share more when the idea becomes more flushed out.

Earlier in the month I applied for a Neighborhood Small Grant to host a bulb planting event in Ahousaht. I was so excited to receive the full amount requested! This was my first grant application. I think it’s a bit simpler than the larger grants out there but it has inspired me to take on more projects with grants to back them.

Today I carved my pumpkin. It’s going to be a great ‘howl’oween!


As a kid we lived too far out to get any trick or treaters and it wasn’t until I moved to Ahousaht that I began getting visitors on Halloween. I love Halloween evening and embrace it fully. Each year I get a little more extravagant with more decorations!

I will encourage myself to write another post in a timely fashion by promising to write about Halloween night – 5 days away!