My June BarkBox arrived today for Yoda, Leia, Bruce and Anakin! I’ve included Anakin because he’s already playing with the box itself while the dogs haven’t even seen the goodies yet!!!

I guess I should introduce you to my furbabies, as you will be hearing a lot about them. Anakin is a long haired, black cat. He’s about 11 months old now and thinks he is a dog.

Yoda is our 4.5 year old shitzhu. He thinks he’s a cat and is best buds with Anakin. They groom each other and cuddle up on the bed next to each other.

Leia is our 6 month old husky pup. She’s super playful, but very meek. I have a tote bin for all her toys and whenever I put them away she goes and pulls them out one by one to play with them and leaves the spread all over!

Bruce is a year and a half old. We have dog sit him many times and unfortunately his owners couldn’t keep him in their new home so we adopted him. He has the only oddball name, but it matches his oddball ears!

I subscribed to BarkBox in the hopes of saving money…. I plan on restricting myself to just the goodies in the box and not splurge on other treats and toys when I am at the store. Hopefully I can save some cash and get some great gifts for my furbabies in the meantime!

This month’s theme was “Country Fair” and Leia has been squeaking away on the plush carrot since she got it.

Lots of great treats and even Yoda who is a VERY picky eater has enjoyed them! Give me a shout and I can give you a discount code that gets you one month free šŸ™‚